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The ATR removable bowl mixer is a robust and extremely reliable piece of equipment, came about as a sequel to the  mixer AFR, designed to produce doughs with lower levels of hydration between 45 and 100%.

Doughs with lower levels of hydration, containing smaller amounts of water, are doughs that are in theory harder to knead and that need higher power.

Power levels and dough toughness and elasticity are all variables that have an influence on the performance of an industrial mixer.

Based on this requirement, the “R” mixers are different because they make it possible to work with harder doughs (above 45% water), with flours with low, medium and high gluten content and with working cycles of up to 16 hours.

The mixer’s construction offers the advantages of a motor with a power of up to 11kW (14.7 hp) and a strengthened transmission system, designed to efficiently and effectively transmit the torque necessary to respond to the toughest demands.

Available for 80 and 100kg flour capacities, in standard and stainless steel versions, ATRs can operate in conjunction with ETE bowl tilting lift that are also designed to operate with the ATI.



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